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Kevin and Kate's Vegetable Book

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Kevin & Kate's Bread Book

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Kevin and Kate's Milk Book

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Kevin & Kate Make Bread

Kevin and Kate show you how to make bread. The recipe is in the book, Kevin and Kate's Bread Book. 

Edward Hayden Learns How to Make Flour

We showed the wonderful chef, Edward Hayden how to sift course brown flour through three sieves to make perfect white flour!

Kevin Makes Fresh Cheese

In this video, you can see how Kevin makes fresh cheese and Granny fries it to make it really tasty. This recipe is in Kevin and Kate's Milk Book

Kate Makes Butter

Kate makes butter from fresh cream. It's easy and fun to do and the recipe is in Kevin and Kate's Milk Book.


…nostalgia for the country life in four year old twins. Their favourite page in each book is The Last Supper: the bread and the milk and the cosiness, sitting around the big table with the cats and the dogs included.


‘I will clip this card onto my Santa letter and then he will know where to find the books’.

A little girl at Airfield Festival of Food

They're really beautifully illustrated and would be a joy to read with your own children or a gorgeous gift for any child.

Debbie -Saucepan Kids

My grandchildren love these books. They nestle down beside me because they know they're in for something wholesome and homely. They are the only books that engage both boy and girl equally and put them in such a lovely mood. There's so much more in them than just how to make bread or grow vegetables.